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Main Features1. Slipstream sleeve-single longitudinal direction axial flow sleeve. The slipstream sleeve is of continuous variable transmission with surplus crops recycling technique, which can provide a satisfying harvest performance at all phases of harvesting. 2. Luxury enclosed anti-vibration driving cab, which is well enclosed with a wide view, a suspension seat, an air conditioner、an assistant seat, and a MP3. It follows the man-machine engineering in a perfect way. 3. Series 1000 front drive axle with well proportioned driving force, reliability and strong driving force. 4. Choosable back drive equipment with strong capability of passing and flexibility. 5. Multi-functioned, which is available for rice, soybean, wheat, corn, rape, etc. 6. Choosable 4. 57m rigid shear platform. The reel speed is controlled by electric drive pusher, which can be adjusted continuously while working.

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Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Engine power (ps) 140、150
Cutting width (mm) 3800、4570、4570( torsion/set)
Feeding rate (kg/s) 6( rice),5( wheat)
Total loss rate (%) Wheat ≤1.2 rice ≤3.0 soybean ≤7.0
Broken rate (%) Wheat ≤1.0 rice ≤1.5 Soybean≤7.0
Impurity rate (%) Wheat≤2.0 Rice≤2.0 Soybean≤3.0
Threshing and cleaning structure type Toothed/Rasp Bar Single Longitudinal Axial Flow + Fan + Double Layers Cleaning Screener Structure
Gravure plate adjustable structure Mechanical Controlled Adjustable Speed at Definite Ratios
Axis flow roller(outer diameter*length) φ500*3414
Grain tank capacity(m³) 3.2
Grain unloading type Mechanical Grain Discharging Sleeve
Running speed range(Km/h) 1.05~19.7
Operation weight 9910
Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 8800*4970*4100 (Assembled with 4.75m shear platform without chopper)